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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Top Stitched, Appliqued Clematis Altered For Newlyweds to Be

This quilt now hangs proudly in the home of my son Dan and his new wife Jackie in Oregon.
They were married on August 16, 2008.

This Clematis quilt is from a pattern design by Melinda Bula using her book Cutting-Garden Quilts Fabulous Fusible Flowers. I first saw Melinda's work in a quilt show and bought her book.
I went home and began the long ardourous process of constructing this quilt. I love that the back is as beautiful as the front, as she suggested using the same colored threads in the bobbins as in the top stitches. On the black background you get another picture!

My next challenge will be using my own photos of flowers to create my own design in this fashion.This wall hanging hung at the Vacaville Art Gallery from March 21-April 18th. On May 1, it went to The Quilted Heart Quilt shop to hang (out) there a while. The place I learned to quilt last July!


Elizabeth said...

You are a wonderful colorist.
You would love Marrakech!

Lynn said...

Thank You Elizabeth.
I went to your site (again) and on line to look up Marrakech. What a colorful city, you are right, it looks very romantic. I would love to visit there. I especially liked the blue and white tiles on that building you showed.

sarahs blog said...

i love your art quilts,they are really good. i came to your site from my sisters,lilyfayecrafts. i am into knitting and on my blog there is a few pics of what ive done, i have lots more on the needles that needs to be finished, maybe one day soon they will be done!!!

Sandra said...

It's lovely. Can't wait until the clematis will bloom here!

Sandra said...

Thank you for your lovely comment on my work.
Excited to be in a juried art show. My work has been on 2 shows until now and I love to be in the neightbourhood of my work and sneaky hear what other people say. I hope you have fun there!

Lynn said...

I will have fun. My husband is going, my brother and best childhood girlfriend are coming up for the reception/award ceremony/show. I am excited and happy, proud and pleased!
And most excited to start a new piece.

lisette said...

wow - that's really stunning :) have you seen emily parson's quilts?