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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Abstract Art Quilt Wall Hanging in Black and White

On April 21, 2008, this quilted wall hanging was selected to be in the Vacaville Art Gallery's juried art show.

May 20: comment overheard by art director while two women were looking at this quilt: "The person who made this one must have been quilting for years!" ;-)

[Nope, less than 6 months when I made this one]

The frayed "flowers" in this abstract design are taken from the Rose quilt in the heading of this blog.
The use of black and white changes the look to a more sophisticated quilt. Each 9 inch square is top stitched free motion style in an echo pattern around the outer layer of the "flower". Most of the fabrics used here are batiks the rest being cotton. It comes together in a stand out wall hanging.

This quilt is hanging in the Vacaville Art Gallery from March 21st until April 18th, 2008.
It also hung in the Quilted Heart Quilt Shop from March 1-March 15, 2008.

Double clicking on photo allows you to see more detail.


Claudia said...

Lynn, thank you very much for your lovely comment on my watercolours! - Although I cannot sew I have to say that your quilts are b e a u ti f u l , especially the one in black and white!
Kind regards from

corryna said...

What a wonderful quilt this is!

I read your blog(s) and saw the beautiful art quilts you make. Do you have your own shop, where you sell what you make?

I added your blog to mine too! Thank you for all your nice comments. I translated the blognews about Rijswijk, so now you can read it too :-). Sorry that I only published it in Dutch. Sometimes I am a bit lazy. I try to translate all the articles, but the translation is sometimes a bit late.

It is so nice to meet art quilters on the web. I will visit again!


Lynn said...

Welcome Claudia and Corryna,

No, I do not have a shop, unless you can call a blog a shop of sorts. I am welcoming commissioned quilts (art quilts, wall hangings, children sized quilts) right here.

Two of my quilts are in an art gallery right now, Clematis, and Black and White. The former is a wedding gift for my son in August.
The Black and White will be for sale when it leaves the gallery.

Anonymous said...

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