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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Stone Soup Start to Finish

I posted about this group challenge with the Quilts Around the World Group I am proud to be a part of in the post before this one. I thought that now that the quilt challenge is over it would be fun to see it from start to finish in one post.

We started with this photo sent to us from Kathryn. We were to make our own rendition of it. I pulled out my Melissa Bula book to remind myself how to do applique her style!

I piece all my pieces together...

and I top sewed free motion style, and thread painting style like crazy...

I used embroidery and beads for embellishments and here was my completed art quilt top.
I then according to instruction sent it off to Kathryn, who gathered each of 13 artists tops and cut them into 15 equal sized pieces. She sent us each a packet of 15 pieces including two of our own and two of one artist and one of each of the others.


Our next step was to put them all together into a whole quilt.
I decided to make mine like a stained glass window. I laid the 15 pieces in order on a black piece of broadcloth and hand stitched each piece to that and batting under it using white embroidery floss.

You will recognize my piece in the #3 position of the bottom row from the left.

click on any photo to enlarge to see details

I laid it all out on a piece of black and white checked gingham and brought the back to the front
for a narrow border which I also hand sewed in place. I thought the gingham looked like a tablecloth.

I love seeing each artist's work next to the next bringing alive the original photo but in many, many different styles of artwork.
To see all of the finished quilts go to Quilts Around the World. (all are not done yet, so you may have to wait a few weeks for everyone to finish. I am in the habit of being a quick artist! ;-)
This was fun and I thank all the cooks who worked together to bring this challenge off!
Cooks in order top to bottom left to right
A1 Lynn; A2 Fionie; A3 Kathryn; A4 Marion; A5 Linda
B1 Sue; B2 Linda; B3 Jane; B4 Simone; B5 Margeeth
C1 Chris; C2 Marloes; C3 Lynn; C4 Fran; C5 Robyn