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Monday, January 2, 2012

"Another Place" Was the most recent Challenge

My last post showed the challenge that was
"Barcelona". This challenge was to make something from "Another  Place". These both done with the women of
"Quilts Around The World Group". As you can see on the previous post that I passed through Barcelona on my way to Israel in 1961. It seemed only appropriate that I finish the story here with this quilt depicting the State of Israel and my time spent there.

We were also to use paper and/or  plastic in our art quilt making.
This  front top is fully made from papers that are in Hebrew print or written by hand.

 The shape of the State of Israel was drawn on and cut from a brown paper grocery bag. Then collaged upon with the emphrema of Israeli stamps, bus tickets, envelopes, aerograms, etc. I used paper photos of myself, my first husband and baby son; showing on the maps where we were married and where they were both  born and where we lived.

It was a fun quilt to make and I feel it full filled the challenge points well. My first Map Quilt; and one done all in paper. I machine sewed crazy quilt style and by hand around the outside. Plastic beads were used to embellish it further. The dates were hand stamped on the paper.

I gave the finished quilt to my now grown son showing him his early birth place in art form.