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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lynn's Art Quilts


Jude said...

Hello Lynn
I've just started quilting and love your angle it.Could you please give me information on how you print photos on to fabric, inks, fabric etc.
I live in Crete and sources are scarce....

Lynn said...

Jude, thanks for stopping by. I tried going to your blog but there was no where to leave a comment so hope you come back to get this.

I use "Computer Printer
Fabric to print my photos on cloth. The brand I have on hand is June Tailor, but there are others. I got this at a fabric shop. (Joanne's). Not sure what is available in crete.

However, one can make their own sheets by ironing muslin onto freezer paper if you have that and cutting it to size to fit into your printer.

The best printer ink to use is on the Epson printer. (mine broke so am using my HP printer). The former ink lasts better, the HP ink it's okay for a wall hanging that is not going to be washed. But not good for a bed quilt that needs to be washed.

You might Google about printing on fabric for more ideas.

I hope this helps.

Good luck with your quilting. Enjoy. I sure do.

Lynn said...

Jude: PS: Just wanted to tell you I visited Crete in 1963 on a trip between Israel (where I was living at the time) to the US. I found it to be very charming.