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Friday, April 18, 2008

Riding The Rails of The Orient Express

Today (April 21st) this piece won an honorable mention award in the Vacaville art gallery's juried art show.

No longer for sale. My daughter admired this one and said it would look good hanging in her home. So that is where it went this weekend. (Sept. 20, 2008)


corryna said...

I love this piece! Nice colours, nice free design.

About the Tyvek: it is not the netting material you see on my blog. It is a material that looks like something in between wonder under and paper. It is synthetic and reacts to heat. With a heat gun or an iron you can alter the material - it will shrink, bubble or disappear at spots you'll heat. Tyvek is a material that is been used in certain kinds of envelops for instance. It is light and strong.

From the internet: DuPont™ Tyvek® has the test results that prove it offers the best characteristics of paper, film and fabric in one material.

Can you send me your email? Then I can write answers directly to your mail.


Mim said...

Hi Lynn - after spending the weekend fighting with my sewing machine, I realize that I have to start looking for a good one. What are you using now? I know that you had one and it seemed to have gremlins - any suggestions?

Lynn said...

Mine is a Viking Husquvarna Sapphire 830. It sometimes has tension issues. But I have gotten out of them so it might be me, not sure, or thread I use. All in all it has served me well.
I am not knowledgable about machines. You might ask Lady Bug at Living in the light (blog on my other blog roll). She quilts beautifully and works in a quilt shop.

Angela Huddart said...

This is fabulous Lynn...if you'd like to contact me via email my address is just love your work!

Lynn said...

Thank you Angela! Your words of praise mean the world to me. Your art quilts are simply wonderful.