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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Happy Customer Received this Quilted Art Wall Hanging

The woman who ordered this quilt made grew up in South Africa, now resides in London, England. She wanted something that incorporated her art, her family history, and the fact that she was turning sixty years of age. I met her through blogging, and her blog name is Forever Young.

I created this collage using family photos, pieces of her art, symbols that I knew would resonate for her. Embellishments included beads from South Africa, and other beads to brighten and add sparkle. Photos and art pieces were printed on cloth and sewn into the whole collage. There are a few pieces that I stuffed for a three dimentional look and feel. The design in the border is top sewn to make it stand out more, and the whole inside is also sewn using free motion stitching. Some of the outside border design is cut out also giving it another dimentional feel to it.

Needless to say her response to receiving this quilt, her purchase, was again one of high emotion. The praise and thanks I received were a gift for me.


Forever Young said...

and that praise and thanks goes on and on!

Mim said...

FY RAVED about this quilt when we met in London.

Lynn said...

Mim, thank you for telling me this. I do believe all of FY's compliments and feelings regarding her quilt I made for her, but it is always nice to know she has told others the same. A double satisfaction for me!

soulbrush said...

am here again looking at all your quilts and its so great to see mine here too. love it, as you know, always will. (ex fy)

Lynn said...

Dear Soul Brush: So sweet of you to come back to look at your art quilt on my blog. I love hearing about how your family and friends love it hanging in your home. I so enjoyed making it for you. And you will always have the honor of being my very first commissioned quilt in my first year of quilting art quilts. Thank you so much for ordering it.