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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Top Stitched, Appliqued Clematis Altered For Newlyweds to Be

This quilt now hangs proudly in the home of my son Dan and his new wife Jackie in Oregon.
They were married on August 16, 2008.

This Clematis quilt is from a pattern design by Melinda Bula using her book Cutting-Garden Quilts Fabulous Fusible Flowers. I first saw Melinda's work in a quilt show and bought her book.
I went home and began the long ardourous process of constructing this quilt. I love that the back is as beautiful as the front, as she suggested using the same colored threads in the bobbins as in the top stitches. On the black background you get another picture!

My next challenge will be using my own photos of flowers to create my own design in this fashion.This wall hanging hung at the Vacaville Art Gallery from March 21-April 18th. On May 1, it went to The Quilted Heart Quilt shop to hang (out) there a while. The place I learned to quilt last July!

Life's Crazy Pieces is now a WINNER!

I am proud to announce that a picture this quilt was voted in along with 12 other pieces of artists works to be in the 2009 Art Calendar in New Zealand. What an honor! October 5, 2009
On April 21, this quilted wall hanging was selected to be in the Vacaville art gallery's juried art show. And now, May 20, it's been entered into the 65Plus-the art and lives of older artists calendar contest in New Zealand. The winners will be exhibited on the virtual Tart website during October 2008. ( )

This is what traditionalist might call a crazy patchwork quilt. I wanted to do something with patchwork, so did so on a small scale wall hanging. (18" X 23") It's top stitched using a free motion foot, metallic and rayon threads, and beaded a bit for extra pizazz. It is bound and has a hanging sleeve on reverse side. Colors are brighter than shown here. Double clicking on photos shows greater detail.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Abstract Art Quilt Wall Hanging in Black and White

On April 21, 2008, this quilted wall hanging was selected to be in the Vacaville Art Gallery's juried art show.

May 20: comment overheard by art director while two women were looking at this quilt: "The person who made this one must have been quilting for years!" ;-)

[Nope, less than 6 months when I made this one]

The frayed "flowers" in this abstract design are taken from the Rose quilt in the heading of this blog.
The use of black and white changes the look to a more sophisticated quilt. Each 9 inch square is top stitched free motion style in an echo pattern around the outer layer of the "flower". Most of the fabrics used here are batiks the rest being cotton. It comes together in a stand out wall hanging.

This quilt is hanging in the Vacaville Art Gallery from March 21st until April 18th, 2008.
It also hung in the Quilted Heart Quilt Shop from March 1-March 15, 2008.

Double clicking on photo allows you to see more detail.

Baby or Child's Small play blanket

This is a good example of a children's wall hanging or doll blanket incorporating family memories. There are photos of grandparents with grandchildren and grandchildren by themselves and siblings together in this playful child's quilt. Embellishments include metallic threads and ribbons of varying colors and textures.
This frayed edge piece was made with a baby or child in mind. The textures and layers give a baby something to grab onto. The squares are trimmed in yarn for another texture and look.
Animals cut from a cotton t-shirt walk around the outside border rectangles, some with a glitter of gold or silver raised sparkle and an added sparkly rhinestone. An inner border of colorful ladybugs attracts more interest.

Happy Customer Received this Quilted Art Wall Hanging

The woman who ordered this quilt made grew up in South Africa, now resides in London, England. She wanted something that incorporated her art, her family history, and the fact that she was turning sixty years of age. I met her through blogging, and her blog name is Forever Young.

I created this collage using family photos, pieces of her art, symbols that I knew would resonate for her. Embellishments included beads from South Africa, and other beads to brighten and add sparkle. Photos and art pieces were printed on cloth and sewn into the whole collage. There are a few pieces that I stuffed for a three dimentional look and feel. The design in the border is top sewn to make it stand out more, and the whole inside is also sewn using free motion stitching. Some of the outside border design is cut out also giving it another dimentional feel to it.

Needless to say her response to receiving this quilt, her purchase, was again one of high emotion. The praise and thanks I received were a gift for me.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ella Quilt Made Great Memory Wedding Heirloom

Memory quilts tell the history of a person or family in ways that bring heartfelt joy to the receiver of such a work of art. I made this piece for a wedding gift for a young cousin.
The central character is her great grandmother, Ella, who is centered in the large photo. She is surrounded by her loved ones from early marriage, first child, first grandchild, great grandchildren, and last days of life. This piece is embellished with her own costume jewelry, pictures and beads, and appliques that depict her love of sewing, and gardening. When my cousin received this piece in the mail she called me in tears. They were tears of joy and she was overwhelmed by the feelings this quilt brought to her. I added to the back of the piece a printed cloth with the story of Ella told by the quilt so it could be passed down to generations to come and be preserved as a true family heirloom. Double clicking on photo allows you to see more detail.