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Friday, May 7, 2010


I have entered a contest at Interweave and I would love to win their prize of a Bernina sewing machine and better yet, would LOVE to find my work published in one of their Quilting Arts Magazines! But I need votes!

It's asking a lot for if you aren't already a member at Interweave you must become one to vote.
The website is (click on the word here) here which will take you to the site. Sometimes an "ad" box opens up. Just close it. Then click on Photo Galleries. Then click on the top one that says Bernina Stitch It challenge. On that page click on Most Popular. Mine is around # 5 or 6 now.
You have to JOIN first before you can vote.
Join by clicking on the red JOIN tab in the upper right hand corner of that page.
Then you go here to vote for Nest Building by Lynn Cohen (that's mine). You will be sent an email. Wait for it, click on that and then go back to the photo of my quilt and click on it. You will then see a larger photo of it and the words VOTE FOR THIS! next to it (on the right). Click on that and you will have voted! Thanks you for doing so.

This was done by bobbin sewing with silver metallic thread on a mirror copy photo placed on a piece of white cotton; then turning it over, cutting it out and sewing it raw edge applique style to the background. The background is cotton heavily sewn free motion style for grasslands and water in cotton threads with silver metallic thread for the reflection on the water.
Brown variegated thread was used for the nesting materials also free motion sewn, then real twigs were collected outdoors and sewn by hand with invisible thread to the nest and to the sides.

Thanks for taking the time to vote! It's much appreciated~!


Marie S said...

This is a gorgeous quilt!

Lynn said...

Marie, thank you for coming to my blog today and for your kind words about this quilt. It is much appreciated! I hope you will come again.

Cathy said...

This is lovely and vibrant Lynn. I love the textures and the use of real twigs as part of the quilt.

Hannah said...

You got it Lynn! Your quilt was by far and way my favorite!

Lynn said...

Hannah, thanks so much. I am in
4th place right now. Hoping more will vote for Nest Building! It's a fun contest!!!

Susan said...

Thanks so much for the positive energy left as a comment on my blog! Love your quilts too!

Cathie said...

Hi Lynn. I VOTED! Truly my favorite. What a sweet portrayal of that beautiful picture. I love it. Good luck to you.

Lynn said...

Cathie, thanks so much for your vote and support. I appreciate it from my heart!!!!

Cathy said...

Hi Lynn. I have voted for this now. I thought I had voted before but perhaps not. Now I am confused...! Anyway, gorgeous quilt and good luck with the competition.