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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Stone Soup Art Quilt Top

In April of this year Art Quilts Around The World, a group of women artists from The Netherlands, Australia, and the USA, took up the challenge to make this quilt top from a photo one woman in the group sent us all. We each interpreted it in our own way. You can see more of the tops by the others on that blog HERE.
click on photos to enlarge and see detailsOnce finished the tops were all sent to her and she will now cut them up into fifteen equal pieces to be sent back to us so each person will have a section of all the other artists' quilts. We will then sew them together to make a combined sandwiched art quilt.
This was made by first tracing the pieces on my glass slider door from the blown up photo. Then I backed the fabric with a stabilizer (Steam a Seam II) and cut out the pieces from my fabric stash choices.

I used heavy thread painting, embroidery and beading to embellish the top.

It was quite the challenge

Once I get all the pieces sent back to me I will post
the final stage of the challenge with
all the combined artists work and one piece
of my own.


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Its a shame to cut yours up. Its really good...But I look forward to seeing it put together with everyones in it.

Hannah said...


I love how you dive into a project and go for it. The quilted still life is lovely, particularly the beading and embellishment. You have a great way with piecing together fabrics from your collections--won't it be amazing to see the next incarnation of the quilt?

Cathy said...

What an incredible idea. I don't think I could be the person who cuts them up though...haha. The colours and textures shown here are amazing.

Chris said...

I loved your quilt top Lynn. Awesome work! You are so imaginative. I can't wait to see the next phase!

Corryna Janssen said...

Your quilt has turned out very well. I saw on the QATW blog that you all made a quilt from the same photo. Was it fun to work this way? I would feel a bit chained.
The result is very good, I must say.

Lynn said...

Corryna, there was a lot of discord over the making of this quilt in our group; many different opinions. Probably the most lively the group has been together in the process. I found the challenge to be fun once I got past the math.
I look forward to having a bit of each persons quilt to make another whole!

Cris, the whole idea is to cut it up and have something made by a group.

Hannah, yes, the end result is what it's all about!!! Thanks for your compliments.

Cathy, glad you like it! It was fun.

Chris, thanks, me too...Yours is awesome!!!

Terry Busse said...

I love your stone soup!


I love getting to see the up close of your quilt. I love the colors...really vibrant. And I am ready to go on a picnic!!! What abundance. And very classical with a impressionistic feel.