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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Garden of L. Eden Completed and Sold on Commission

In November 2009 I received an email from a woman in NY inquiring about the possibility of commissioning me to make an art quilt for her daughter on the occasion of her Bat Mitzvah.
176 emails, five months later , after many ideas shared, fabrics sent, 100s of hours spent sewing by machine and by hand both sitting and standing, embroidering, beading, quilting, I finally sent off the completed quilt last week and it was received by S. in NY yesterday. She loves it. I am so pleased. Her daughters name is L. Eden. I chose to do a theme called
Garden of L. Eden.
This is written in Hebrew at the bottom of the quilt.
Pomagrantes in her hair (on thread painting portrait) represent the fruit of knowledge
in the Garden of Eden.
Her face is a garden of felted wooly bits and beads for flowers and leaves.
The quilt traces her life from birth to teen. The "Hand of Miriam" or Hamsa contains
the Hebrew Letter Chet, which means life, and sounds like "Hi"...holding the cell phone.
I spent many hours standing to hand quilt this 4' X 3' art quilt.
S. supplied much of the fabric including linens, and silks from India.

I made this "Dolly" from a photo S. sent me of the childs favorite childhood doll she called "Dolly". The blue jean shirt was also worn by her as a baby.

Here she is peeking out of the shirt she once wore.

The other pieces around the central parts are squares with parents,
both sets of grandparents, 3 brothers and 2 family dogs, making this a true
memory quilt.
Also represented by squares of fruits and wheat/barley are the
Seven Spieces of Israel (Shivat Haminim in Hebrew). Other squares represents
her love of her summer camp, the torah portion she will read at her Bat Mitzvah
ceremony in September; and a picture of her and her mother
lighting the Sabbath candles.
The back of the quilt features her baby kimono turned into a pouch
to hold written sentiments by family and friends on this occassion.
This is surrounded by more photos of family and friends.
I added a letter from the artist about the making of this quilt, a
quilted butterfly representing her metamophis from infancy to teenhood.
It was such a pleasure making this piece of art
and then having it received with such love and appreciation.

You can see more detailed photos of the quilt front and back


Chris said...

Lynn, Your quilt is awesome!!! You put so much thought into it. Bravo!

Lynn said...

Thanks Chris, your praise means the world to me, as I admire your art so very very much.

linda said...

lynn, this is just amazing work...and the flickr photos really floored me...the complexity of it all is really awesome....i think your work has come so far in the short time i have known you! and what a lucky young woman :)

Lynn said...

Linda, thank you so much. From an artist such as yourself this is such a huge compliment.

lisette said...

wow what a stunning quilt!