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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Grand Daughter's Art Quilted by Grandma Lynn

My grand daughter, aged "3 & 3 quarters" she said, drew a stack of pictures for me. I selected two to turn into art quilts (so far). The castle and the two girls who are "me and mommy" she told me.

Click on photos to see them enlarged:
Here is my design board with lots of GD's art surrounding the two pictures made into art quilt wall hangings. Or they could be put together in a big cloth book as well.
Hanging sleeves will be added to the backs and stories on cloth if I can get GD to tell them to me first.

First I copied her pictures on my printer and then sewed over GDs lines onto off-white muslin fabric. I then layered around this in other fabric: The castle has a sky in an eyelet blue with lots of silver sequins sewn into it that sparkle in the light like stars in the sky. The water or moat, surrounding the castle, is a water-like green/blue batik. Fabric I picked up in MN on a recent trip and used in my Night Owl quilt was perfect wood-like colors for the planks leading to the castle door and for a border around it. Then a border in red followed by the backing fabric in a tiny floral design comes forward forming the outer border or frame. It is then top stitched free motion style by machine.

The two girls picture was done similarly, and framed in yellow with gold glittery threads swirling around and around in that background color as well as in the blond girls hair adding sparkle. A turquoise fairy printed fabric follows that includes a grandma at her sewing machine quilting, then a border in red that has hearts top sewn onto it, followed by the backing fabric again brought forward to frame it. I used Paint Stiks to color both pictures, letting this paint dry for five days before ironing it into place.


corryna said...

I can't believe it. You are a grandmother? You look so young...

How nice to make a quilt out of the drawings. It gives the personal touch.

And thank you so much for your comments on my blog. You made me blush :-).

Lynn said...

Thank you Corryna for your compliments. I feel young too. ;-)

Glad you enjoyed the drawings quilted.

And my comments were very heart felt, as you are a wonderful artist in cloth and I admire all of your work. Anyone reading this should go to your blog and see for themselves and/or see your tree on our Around The World in 20 Quilts blog!

Fifi Flowers said...

The use of drawings on a quilt... that is so great and adorable!

Carmen said...

These are phenomenal!

Yolanda said...

I love you quilts. YOu are so talented.

Anonymous said...

my fav is the two person drawing! children really "hit it" with their simplicity, dont they? i like the idea of a cloth book - she would really enjoy it when she's all grown up!

Gunnels blog said...

Thanks for visit and comment on my blog!
Oh, I love these small quilts with childrens drawing! So beautiful! I will do it with my grandchildrens drawing too. I have embroided his, but no quilts. And I have lose my muse about quilting, but perhaps this is fun !!

Lynn said...

Thank you Fifi, Carmen, Yolanda, Deborah, and Gunnel for coming to this blog. I appreciate your kind words.

shari said...

hi -- can you email me at
i'm looking into commissioning a quilt/wallhanging for my daughter and your work is wonderful. would love to know about process and pricing. thanks.