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Friday, September 26, 2008

Another Tribute To Jim for His Daughter Abby

This 42" X 35" art quilt is made from black broadcloth Cotton for the back ground fabric and backing. The colorful fabrics are all taken from old Hawaiian shirts that belonged to our friend Jim before he died this summer. When we were at his memorial service in July I vowed to make a memory quilt for his daughter to remember her father by. The eight photographs span from 1970 to 2008. Two photos include my DH who was a close friend from when they were in their 20's. They are playing music together in the top left photo. Jim was an incredibly talented musician. Jim was also an avid fly fisherman thus the fishing theme. I pieced a lot of scraps from the shirts together to create the binding. After adhering the eight 5" X 7" photos, which are printed on cloth to the back ground fabric leaving the edges frayed, I free motion top stitched around the framed photos and added embellishments (fish, flowers) with a variegated turquoise Sulky thread.
I wanted to convey water with this sewing.


corryna said...

What a precious gift. I really like the stitches: multi-colour. I think you made his daughter very happy.

(Lynn, please let me know which ATC you want, and I will send it to you. Can you send me your address? And your e-mail, so I can send you my address too.)

Kayla coo said...

Hi Lynn,
This is a beautiful idea a memory
Thank you for visiting my blog.x

Anonymous said...

A wonderfull idea to do for a loved one, She will love what you have done,
Take care

Chris' Shady Grove said...

This is a wonderful gift. Can I ask what fabric you used to print your photos on? I've tried a few using bubble jet set but I'm not really happy with the results.

Lynn said...

Cris, I use June Taylor's paper/cloth for printing. It's what I find at Joanne's Fabric store in the quilting supply section. Good luck with yours.

Thanks to all of you, Corryna, Kayla,Tracy and Cris for coming here and for your nice sentiments about this quilt. I appreciate all of your words.

Corryna, I'll have to get back to you about the ATC as I am still struggling to make something that small that anyone might want! ;-)

corryna said...

Lynn, please don't push yourself. I won't either. And I must say that I also don't have ATC's or postcards ready. It can wait. And then, just one day, you will find a postcard or an ATC, or both in your mailbox. Imagine what a surprise it will be when you are least expecting it :-). And if you find ATC's difficult to make, you can always try a postcard first. Maybe the bigger size is easier. Or you can make a larger piece and cut it up later to make ATC's and postcards out of it. And remember: there is just one rule: the size. Materials and design is free :-)

Lynn said...

Corryna, I like your idea of doing a larger piece and cutting it up into the small sizes of a post card and/or an ATC size. Thanks for this great suggestion.

Cindy said...

Hi Lynn,

Thanks for stopping by my blog -- leaving a comment meant that I found yours! Such beautiful work. This memory quilt is a sweet remembrance of time spent with someone. His daughter will certainly cherish it.

hblikethepencil said...

This is amazing! The textures and mixture of materials is fab. Glad you like the square quilting circle, still getting it off the ground but I hope that it can help. I love your around the world in 20 quilts, I may have to email you more questions about that! My email is on my page if you want to chat more. best wishes HB