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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Night Owl is now FOR SALE in my ETSY STORE

I belong to a quilters group made up of 20 women from around the world aptly called: Around the World in 20 Quilts. Our first challenge was to make a quilt sized 12" by 20" in landscape form with the theme TREES. This is my rendition and I call it "Night Owl".

I enjoyed learning about and using the "confetti" technique for many of the leaves on my trees giving them a three dimensional effect. I used fabrics I gleaned on our recent car trek across many states in June/July of this year visiting many, many fabric shops.

I also used a photo of a local owl and had fun top stitching him following the colors in my photo. So he was printed first on cloth, cut out and sewn onto the quilt. My DH is put off by the fact that "our owl" is a burrowing owl and does not hang out in trees. Somehow this one got up there however, and there he sits! Artistic license if you will.

The batik background fabric looked like night to me with it's swirling blues and I top stitched it with small swirl motions. I used dark fabric for the binding to continue the feel of night.

The whole thing was inspired by a painting my friend, Cris the artist in Oregon made for me.

This was a fun project done with others. To see their quilts go to the Around The World in 20 Quilts blog which can be found on my sidebar.

Double Click on photo to enlarge and see more detail:

Cris' painting from which I got my inspiration:

My quilt "Night Owl" where I turn day into night:


Anonymous said...

Oh, wow, I LOVE this one! I have never heard of confetti style or technique.

Cris in Oregon said...

Oh Lynn this is FABULOUS. REALLY TRULY. WOW. and to think I inspired you with my painting and it looks nothing like it. It is pure YOU. :):)
I think the material tends to dictate a way to do something sometimes. It just evolves for you.

Mim said...

This came out great. Have you seen the show "Quilting TV"? put on cable by Quilting Art's Magazine people? you'd love it....

Lynn said...

Thanks Kelly...I knew you'd love the owl.

Cris, I do think your painting is in there too, but you are right the fabric is different than paint and gives a whole different look and feel to the composition. I too like the way it evolved for me.

Mim, thanks, and I will look for that TV show. Always good to have more sources for ideas. I am an avid reader of Quilting Arts Magazine to which I now have a subscription! ;-)

Cris in Oregon said...

I am not sure what you did but it does look more tree like. I think it Rocks!
I love watching how your Art quilts progress from your first inspiration to the finish.

Lynn said...

Cris, what I did was I free motion stitched on top of the tree trunks with dark brown thread giving them more texture and a (I hope) bark like quality.

Forever Young said...

delightful, totally you!

corryna said...

Lynn you did a wonderful job here! You also managed to be the first to join in the forest :-). I like the owl. Thanks for your lovely comments on our blog Around the world in 20 quilts and my own blog.

Terry Busse said...

Hi Lynn,
I found your blog site in trying to figure out how to hang an art quilt. As i perused through your blog I noticed how you tell the story of each quilt on the back. How do you do that? I really like that.

I am an artist, but just learning how to create art with a sewing machine and fabric. It looks to me like you've printed onto a nice piece of cotton with out it looking all plastic like.
Could you share with me how you did this.?
Thank you
Terry Busse

Lynn said...

Terry: Here's how I tell the story on the back of my quilts.
First I write it on the computer...(WORD) works, and then I print it on cloth/backed paper called "Computer Printer Fabric" by june tailor (there are many brands), which I bought at Joanne's Farbric store. After I print it I press it with a hot iron to adhere the ink so it will not smear. Then I separate the paper from the cloth and sew the cloth to the back of my piece.
Or I first sew a border to this white printed piece and then sew the border down on the back of the quilted piece.

I like doing this so as the piece is handed down (hopefully) over the years others will know what it's all about.

Thank you for coming to my blog.
I went to yours and enjoyed all I saw there. You make some very delightful, colorful art! Have fun adding your written stories and poems to your fabric art.

Terry Busse said...

Thank You Lynn
I am excited to give it a try.
Thanks to for your kind words.

Lynn said...

You are very welcome, Terry.
I hope you show what you did with this information. Do ask any other questions you might have if I can be of help.

seth said...

Beautiful piece. I really like the moon and the night sky. Thanks too for the visit to and comment on my blog!

lila said...

your quilts are wonderful! You are honoring your creative muse and many family members too!
I've made hundreds of traditional quilts and a few art quilts....yours are inpiring!