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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sunflower III Finished at Last

I worked several months to finish this, my third sunflower art quilt.
I am excited by its 3-D sculptured flowers on a heavily textured multi layered background.
 Click on the photos to enlarge to see more detail if you like.
The fabric used for the leaves was from Dyed Candy ETSY and is hand dyed.
The rest of my fabrics are mostly up cycled from thrift stores and garage sales.
However, now I am recalling actually buying the batik and lime green & flannel fabrics new from a wonderful store I discovered in Berkeley, Ca.

 The background is torn strips of fabric sewn together then machine sewn quilted. It's stamped, painted, and heavily hand stitched. Embellishments include wool felt circles and buttons; several types of beads, and charms (tiny gold hummers and dragon flies can be found among the flowers & leaves).
 My own photos of sunflowers are printed on silk and sewn to the background.
 The bottom is cut irregularly kind of fence like...and beads hang from the bottom as well.
 Lots of hand embroidery was done throughout this piece. Lots of French knots,
straight stitches and others; as well as free motion sewing to enhance fabric designs.
 I also couched some really nice yarns I found at a new shop in Winters, CA.
 I stuffed three long stalks of fabric, bound them in hemp and hand stitched and beaded them.
 Beads came from old recycled necklaces. And some new from Michael's.

 I think I will have a hard time parting with this Sunflower Quilt. My previous two sold before they were finished almost. Both were shown in the Yolo County Sunflower Art Show. The most recent before this winning first prize. Hopefully, this one will be in that show next year.

The whole piece is backed in such a way that it turns inwards on the sides and comes down into a vase like shape.

And now I will add the story to the back with this happy ending:

My 21 yr old grandson, Mikiah, saw this art quilt posted on facebook. His first comment was: "This is soooooo beautiful!"
His next comment was: "It is for sale?"
Then he said: "How much? I'd like to support your art!"

And then I said: "Mikiah, consider it an early inheritance. I cannot take money from my grand children. So it is yours, but you have to wait one year to acquire it, as I want to put it in several shows. Then it will be yours to take home."

I cannot think of a happier ending for this art quilt.


Judith said...

Oh, Lynn this looks great. You can see that a lot of effort has gone into this piece. It is stunning.

Rebeca said...

Adoro descobrir um trabalho diferente e visitar o seu blog me encheu de alegria! Parabéns pelos seus trabalhos!

linda said...

lynn, this is amazing work....absolutely stunning!

MulticoloredPieces said...

Very exciting piece--the sculptural effect is great, and I like your use of embellishment.
best, nadia

Corryna said...

Lynn, I can see you are still going strong. Love the 3d effects in your work.

Yvonne said...

All your work here is amazing. Love the sunflower piece and so many others. Have become a new follower here too! Can't wait to see more.

duaa said...

this so wonderful! Love the pieces and the colors of the fabrics and materials that you used..So fun!


Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Amazing creative piece of work; it's stunning. And your story of its final home brought me to tears.

May I Pin this on my Pinterest Board please? I love it and am really glad for Mikah. I live near Berkeley-are you showing anywhere near here so I could see it before it goes home to Mikah's? It's one of the best works I've looked at in months.

Thanks for sharing.