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Monday, September 20, 2010

Useable and Wearable Art

I have been having a lot of fun constructing and embellishing on these pocket purses. This first one is a four pocket "wallet" with covers made from cotton and batik fabrics, covers and each individual pocket lined with hand made fabric paper. Closed by a button and tie ending in beads. This one was purchased by a woman for her sister who loves Iris' as a birthday gift.

She will stuff the pockets she said with little gifts. They are good for holding anything that fits into a 4" pocket (jewelry, business cards, ATCs, hearing aid batteries, money, etc.)

My daughter wanted one to use for holding her jewelry when traveling on vacation.

Some are sewn together and some are held together with brads and jewelry wire.

For sale: $40 each.  Leave a comment to let me know your interest in one or
email me at Free shipping in the USA.
The one on the right SOLD. The one on the left is for sale until 11/18/11 then will be in the Pence Gallery Holiday Market sale in Davis.

Another woman wanted two of these individual pockets for her grand daughters' lunch money.
I worried about the pockets getting lost so sewed pins on the back so they could be worn on their clothing. Wha-la! Wearable art!!!

Then I got the idea to add a decorative ribbon through the pocket flap and wear it around my neck.

More wearable art that made quite the statement at a recent birthday party!

Want a 4 pocket wallet or an individual pocket purse?
Leave a comment and tell me which you'd like
how many, and you can choose from fabric ideas such as:
batiks, floral, kids fabrics, jean denim, leather scraps, or leave it to my
Larger 4 pocket wallets: $40
Smaller 1 pocket: $20
Free shipping in USA
Outside USA add $2.50.

Jan. 4, 2011 UPDATE on SALES
I am happy to report that I recently sold three of the four pocketbooks and two of the single pockets at Pence Gallery in Davis, CA.
Prior to that I sold at least six others to friends on line who visit my blog.
Thank you all for your interest and purchases!!!


Wil Opio Oguta said...

I made a similar one so that I can carry my cellphone around my neck :-)

Marie S said...

Lynn those are wonderful. I love the pocket necklace.
Have a magical weekend.

Marie S said...

Have a great week, Lynn.
Blessings all over you.