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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Solo Art Show A Huge Success!

On November 13th, I had the honor and excitement of seeing my art hung for the 2nd Friday Art About at the Paint Chip in Davis, CA. We had a nice reception and a very good turn out.
Maia, the owner of the store, said I'd had by far the biggest turnout of any artist she had hosted to date.
Friends and strangers came through and spent long periods of time looking at, talking about and asking questions about each piece.

It felt so good to have other textile artists there whose work I admire and respect giving mine so much attention and affirmation.

I was invited to hang my art at another studio (Mojo Flow Studio) by one of the visitors that evening. It will go up there this Friday!
What a joy it is to see my art traveling this way and being seen by so many.


Clevelandgirlie said...

WOW! Well let me tell you something - you have another fan right here and I wish I could have been there to see all of your beautiful, beautiful pieces first hand. So so happy for you Lynn. I see many good things in your artistic future!!!

Linda Robertus said...

Wonderful Lynn! Congratulations again. And... do I see a mandala hanging there? ;-) (it looks great!)

Lynn said...

Oops, yes, Linda you do. It had to go in the show. It would have felt left out. ;-) thanks, glad you like it.

linda said...

lynn, this is wonderful that you had a solo show, how exciting for you and then another one! if that is what you want, you certainly scored big time...betting you really start selling from it too....thanks for your comment on my many blogs I will never tend to...and yes, i see you have too many too but you can take care of yours ....also lots of team blogs, my goodness, the mind reels on that one!


Margeeth said...

I think it is really nice that you had such a large amount of interested visitors.

Joyce said...

Congratulations! How exciting and scoring a second show is even better.

Gunnels blog said...

Congratulations Lynn! It´s looks so beautiful !

Quilt Architect said...

You must be all giddy. I would just be so ecstatic. Building a body of work is a huge undertaking.