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Monday, September 28, 2009

Earth, Water, Air and Fire

I recently made four art quilts using hand dyed paper towels and dryer sheets. I then stitched the small paper quilts to painted canvas. These represent the four elements of Earth, Water, Air and this one is FIRE.

Click on photos to see details.

Earth SOLD



These are for sale in my ETSY store, but could go on display before they sell.


Kayla coo said...

Hi Lynn,
lovely patterns in your work.x

Margeeth said...

They look great. This dryer sheets must be fantastic material, I would almost buy a dryer just for the sheets (I don't need a dryer so I don't).

Gunnels blog said...

These quilts are really great! Thank you for kind comment!
Have a nice wekeend!

Sandra said...

I like fire the most! I guess because I like red. Thet all look gorgeous.

MARIKA said...

I like your works, beautiful ones very much the duvets .
I like it the big freedom the use of all substances and his application .
I like the freedom of the pinning.
Loving thanks for you .Marika Hungary

Harnett-Hargrove said...

You have a wonderful way with color! -Jayne