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Monday, February 14, 2011

#8 Art Journal Quilt..."The Love Connection" SOLD in 2013

I've been collecting old neckties at garage sales and thrift stores and finally decided to start using them. I had cut some up for #2 "Home Sweet Home" art journal quilt; this time I snipped off the narrow ends of the mostly red ties to form this background and wove one pink tie through them to make my statement of free motion sewn hearts = love! Thus the title "Love Connection" I added the fat end of the pink tie for a pocket with a white handkerchief sticking out to balance the whole affair. Just in time to wish everyone a
Happy Valentine's Day!


Angela said...

I love it Lynn...pun intended!! I love how inventive tie manufacturers are getting with their designs too - great work :o) x

Chris said...

I have had so much fun watching you blossom as an art quilter. Your give me so much joy and inspiration.

Leslie said...

Hi Chris,
This is a gorgeous quilt but I'm emailing you about another of your quilts that I think about 2 years after seeing it ... "Sunflower - Life - Energy" that you exhibited in the 2009 NAMI Sunflower Art Show. I wanted to buy it then but it wasn't for sale ... you'd made it for a friend. Luckily, I have a photo ..not as good as the real thing but better than nothing.

I hope you'll consider entering a quilt in this year's Sunflower Art Show or possibly donating something for the raffle to raise funds for the Will Albrecht Mental Health Education Award .. an award for educators who use the Sunflower Art Show to teach their students about Mental Health.

I admire your work and check in on your blog from time to time..
Best regards .. Leslie Carroll, NAMI-Yolo

Lynn said...

Leslie, I am thrilled to know you remember and think about my Sunflower art quilt from that show!
Yes, it was sold to a friend before it got to the show from my posting it on my blog!!! ;-)
Sweet to know you would have liked it too. Thanks for sharing that with me.
I will think about entering again this year. I will look it up to see when it is, etc.
Thanks too for coming to the blog.



Happy heartfelt February x