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Friday, January 28, 2011

January Journal Quilts 2011

click photo to see larger view
(I just realized I made seven but counted two #6s! Oops!)

In January I joined a group of quilters at 3Creative Studios and I vowed to make at least two Journal Quilts a month for the year of 2011. Mine would measure approximately 8" X 11".
Each comes with a story and can be found on my other blog Getting My Feet Wet through out the month of January 2011. I got on a roll and produced four to the size I specified and two smaller ones for a traveling art book and a final one near in size but to give as a gift. To see more of the other members quilts go here.
Titles from Top Left:
#1 Our Prize; #2 Home Sweet Home; #3 Can't see the forest for the trees;
Bottom: #4 Let's Face It; #5 Tropical Storm; #6 Deep Blue Sea; #7 She's Still My Gal

1 comment:

Sesenarts said...

I like the 'idea' of creating something every month. It helps to join a group where you can motivate each other and have a goal in mind. i love what you've done up to now. looking forward to seeing the rest.