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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

African Tree

I have no idea if there is a tree growing in Africa that looks like mine, but when I added the zebra I decided that is where it had to be. Artists' creative license! The top of the tree is the result of sitting at my felting machine and adding bits of dyed-green dryer sheet, threads and strings including some gold metallic, and dryer lint to a piece of green felt. The beads are from a recent garage sale find necklace sewn on orange felt on top of brown felt and trimmed with upholstery trim from the fabric store. Zebra came off a large garage sale find of cotton fabric with an African animal design, which I also used as the backing. I enjoyed the hand sewing and embroidery work after top sewing free motion on my sewing machine. The whole piece is 13" X 13" square. Click on photo to see closer up.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Cactus ATCs and Cactus Quiltlet

These cactus ATCs and Quiltlet were inspired by another bloggers art: Studio Lolo, who gifted me with a drawing of a cactus on an ATC. We also "celebrate" Cactus Monday on the other blogs and so I have been in a cactus mode of late, both drawing and quilting them. Then I was asked by Nadia in The Netherlands if I would trade ATCs with her. So I made these two for her.

And here you see the Quiltlet in the middle that I made for Lolo.

Cactus Quiltlet is 5" X 9" in size
I used a hand dyed green dryer sheet over the yellow felt, and used a shiny green metallic
material over green cotton for the cactus, brown cotton for the dirt, and purple and blue dotted cotton for the curtain on top. A wonderful sparkly purple fabric is the pot.
I then top sewed it to follow the lines of Lolo's drawing, and put French Knots in the holes of the
green fabric on the cactus and dirt.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Living Green Art Quilt

Hanging at the Vacaville Art League and Gallery
32nd Annual Juried Art Show April 25-May 20, 2009

Now in the P. Atana Collection This piece came from a desire to weave fabrics together and use recycled materials. As the woven central piece evolved a city of buildings grew. A wind blew in green leaves made from hand dyed re-purposed dryer sheets.*
The leaves were embellished with thread painting and beads sewn on by hand.
Thread painting continued to embellish the outline of the tall building skyline and down the sides and across the bottom.
Birds and beads landed on leaves and buildings re-purposed from an old found necklace.
A mixture of cotton and metallic threads were used by machine and hand alike.
And fabrics both found and new were woven together to form a unifying art quilt.
This piece measures 45” long by 27” tall.
The back is covered in a dark green satin fabric with matching hanging sleeve.

* I learned the dye process from Natalya at

This photo is not showing its true colors well. The outside binding is a bright shiny gold fabric that sings, but my camera (with and without flash/indoors and out) refused to show it off to it's full glory. You will just have to take my word for it.

click to enlarge photos to see details if you want to