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Monday, March 16, 2009

Cactus ATCs and Cactus Quiltlet

These cactus ATCs and Quiltlet were inspired by another bloggers art: Studio Lolo, who gifted me with a drawing of a cactus on an ATC. We also "celebrate" Cactus Monday on the other blogs and so I have been in a cactus mode of late, both drawing and quilting them. Then I was asked by Nadia in The Netherlands if I would trade ATCs with her. So I made these two for her.

And here you see the Quiltlet in the middle that I made for Lolo.

Cactus Quiltlet is 5" X 9" in size
I used a hand dyed green dryer sheet over the yellow felt, and used a shiny green metallic
material over green cotton for the cactus, brown cotton for the dirt, and purple and blue dotted cotton for the curtain on top. A wonderful sparkly purple fabric is the pot.
I then top sewed it to follow the lines of Lolo's drawing, and put French Knots in the holes of the
green fabric on the cactus and dirt.


jan said...

Love these little pricklies Lynn. Well done on making these indeed. jan in uk

Linda Robertus said...

I love your cactuses, Lynn!

Jami said...
Hi Lynn, My name is Jami, I just thought I would make a connection. Your work is very inspiring. I have been on a bit of a break from quilting,but it is now time to jump back in with both feet.

Gunnels blog said...

I love your cactus! Lilac and limegreen are so wonderful colourcombo! We need colours now!

Lynn said...

Thank you all for coming by and for your kudos for the cactus!
It was fun to do. Glad you like them.

Pea said...

wow..neat job!It looks fantastic!


Obrigada Linn, pelo carinho.
Amei!!! teu blog, Tu és uma artista. SUCESSOS!!!!!
Que bom que és minha seguidora...isto é um orgulho para mim.Atualmente estou postando mais no blog Ana Hochegger e então gostaria de tê-la como amiga neste.Pois o outro meu blog que você segui vou fazer postagens daqui mais um tempo. Um lindo final de semana. Bjx

Lynn said...

Ana, I can only read a few words of Spanish...but I think you are telling me you like my work. Thank you. If you can write in English I would have more of your message. Gracias.

Pea, thank you too.