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Thursday, February 5, 2009

A designed Grandmother's Bag for a new Grandie

My friend, Soulbrush
became a Grandmother this past month. Many of you now know her as Grandie now. Being a happy Grandma myself I got caught up in the waiting for her "Baby Bean" to be born...she had a count down on her blog marking off the days.

I appointed myself as grand-mothering tutor/mentor to SB. I told her she definitely would need a 'grandma's bag' or in her case a 'grandie's bag'. So to surprise her while I was waiting for baby to be born I designed a combination grandma's bag and baby mat for HER to use. I take a bag filled with little toys each and every time I visit my four-year- old grand children (twins) and they delight in opening the bag and finding old things that have been there from when they were little babies and new things I toss in (usually finds from the thrift store or craft store or my own crafting stash) little toys, puppets, books, and now always at least one craft project to do with them. And so the idea was born.

I remembered back to when they were babies and while I was constructing the initial bag out of a half yard of beautiful brightly colored Laural Burch fabric I decided to make this outer quilt a mat for baby to play on (pre-crawling stage). The backing became the calmer blue side for quieting baby. I added little satin ribbons for baby to grab on to, again remembering our little guys liking tags left on toys to hold.

I then added a bag with a shoulder strap and used large utility snaps to hold it inside the bag...this to hold the toys and books...It can be unsnapped to allow use of the quilted mat, which I top sewed around the pictures of cat families and some added personal photos of SB herself now and as a baby, and her dog Snuffles. I imagined baby learning to identify "grandie, baby, and doggie!" before long.

This first photo is the mat spread out for sitting or laying on.

This is the opposite side the blue calming side.

Here you see the bag for toys snapped into place.

This is the top folded over forming a carrying bag.

and here you see it again with the shoulder strap handle from the inner bag sticking out.
I wish you many years of joy and fun
with your little grand baby!
I had fun waiting, creating, and sending you this project!
May it get lots of wear at Grandie's house and when you go to visit!

Fabrics: Outer layer is half yard of Laural Burch designed cotton I got in MN at Colorful Quilts (Susan Stein's store, which closed this January, unfortunately); Inner blue lining is 100% cotton, I found at the thrift store; The bright orange inner bag is left over 100% fabric from my very first ever quilt made in a class at Quilted Heart in Vacaville, CA, very good quilting cotton; Orange binding is cotton from the thrift store. cotton threads. Snaps. Fusible web lines the strap. Ribbons from the thrift store.


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

This is fabulous Lynn. Such thought went into creating this. You should sell these. She will love it for ever.

Stocker Astrid said...


felicitaciones por el nacimiento de su nieto y por su último trabajo que es realmente precioso!...está hecho con amor.
Un abrazo desde Chile

Lynn said...

Thanks Cris...for being my good holder of secrets too. ;-)

Stocker Astrid: I can actually read some of what you wrote! I read "for real work and a work of love..."
Right? I had Spanish in eighth grade! LOL I so appreciate your coming here and telling me your enjoyment of my work. Gracias!

OregonArtGuy said...

Wow! Beautiful AND functional - You should be an artist/inventor:-}

Lynn said...

Thanks Oregon Guy! I guess I am! LOL

soulbrush said...

as far as i am concerned, this is just a brilliant idea for ANY grandmother and should be patented and sold! i will cherish it forever and you can be sure i will sned you loadsa photos when we use it. love ya lynn.

Elspeth said...

Wow, what an innovative idea! Looks like a great bag! I think non-grandmothers/grandies would like this bag too. I would use it for picnic items and use the outer play mat as the picnic 'tablecloth'. Maybe with some slight adjustments it really would make a good picnic accessory.

Lynn said...

Thanks again, SB.

Elspeth, that is a great idea. Pockets could be sewn onto the inside for utinsils and dishes, wine glasses etc. Fun!

corryna said...

Lynn I love cats, and the colours of that fabric are just lovely. What a lovely gift it is! A multi purpose bag :-)

yvette said...

so, beautiful...the colours...glad you find me so I could find you!

yvette said...

congratulations with your felting machine As I see your work I know it will make you patches with special felt aspects! But if you need it, your work is so extremely beautiful as it is!

Lynn said...

Yvette, you are too kind.
Your work inspires me to continue to grow...I hope everyone who comes here finds your blog as well as your work is extrodinary!