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Monday, January 12, 2009

The Boy With Red Lips

Boy with Red Lips is hanging in the Vacaville Art Gallery for the month of February! He enjoys the wall he is on along with Hard Times.
His head was full of thoughts of
catching butterflies
His heart was filled with gold

I am continuing to learn to make fabric portraits. This from a photo of my grandson.
I am the first to admit that the fabric portrait does not do his photo justice. However, I am very pleased with his butterfly skin, and his blue hair and red, red lips. The red was a last minute decision and I think makes the quilt complete.

I continue to use Maria Elkins directions in the book mentioned in earlier post with a twist of my own.

Size 4" X 7"
100% cotton fabrics
one purchased fat quarter,
some thrift store finds (butterflies,
blue spirals,
& red hearts)

threads a mix of rayon and cottons
in blues, white and red.
free motion top stitching


Gunnels blog said...

this looks great! I think that it is hard to do portraits!

Lynn said...

Gunnel, not so difficult to do when you follow Maria Elkin's directions. Try it, it is great fun.